REYD is a website where women can buy red clothes, red shoes, and red bags.



Reyd is an e-commerce website that helps women to easily find red products without hassle, Nowadays people are very involved to shop online, that’s why we tried to make an e-commerce website for getting red products easily to buy online.


As we research we found a lot of problems with different e-commerce websites, a lot of women find it difficult to buy red shoes, dresses, and bags. Some websites made it difficult to search and find red products on their website and most of the time we found hierarchy problems that made users confused to understand the importance of products criteria.

According to global retail studies, 80% of shoppers surveyed said getting shopping done as quickly as possible is important to them when deciding where to buy from, effective shopping is a necessary skill in today’s society and not everyone’s is patient or has enough time to accomplish it.


There is no need to be perplexed when searching for  a specific item, Reyd allows users to look up details about a product ranging from dress, shoes, and bags, and with reyd they can find all their favorite red dresses, bags, and shoe all in one website

When I was designing, I try to make it more easily by creating an account, buying the product from the website, checking out, and adding reviews on your purchases.


We took some different real users interviews and we collected some data from the interview and online research, our core target is what users want and what will be beneficial to them, and how they can use the website effectively.